6 HR Trends You Can't Afford to Overlook in 2017

by Mammoth Team on February 25, 2017


If you dropped in on one of your managers and asked them why it would be a bad idea to guarantee employees a step-by-step disciplinary process, would the manager be able to tell you? Could they explain how an employee might be due leave under both the Family and Medical Leave Act and Americans with Disabilities Act? Do they understand why terminations always come with some risk—even if they’re entirely justified? Do you know the answers to these questions?

If not, don’t worry. It’s sometimes the basic HR topics that trip up the best of managers. Unless a manager is immersed every day in the minutiae of state and federal employment law, they’re likely not thinking a lot about the Fair Labor Standards Act, state protected leaves, or the ways in which these and other laws interact and overlap. In the day-to-day tasks of keeping a workplace in order, managers probably aren’t giving much thought to all the risks associated with harassment allegations, disciplinary measures, or terminations.

In short, every manager—even the most seasoned—could use an occasional refresher in the essentials of HR. 

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