Conducting Effective Workplace Investigations

by Mammoth Team on September 1, 2017


When the time comes for a workplace investigation, you don’t have time on your side. 

Allegations of harassment or other misconduct require an immediate response, prompt attention, and thorough investigation. You have an urgent and serious issue to address—one that could negatively affect employee morale and employer liability.

In moments like these, you have to act quickly or the situation can get worse. You don’t want to rush an investigation, however. The best way to conduct an investigation is to put procedures in place ahead of time so that, when the time comes, you’re ready to respond appropriately, effectively, and consistently.

In our webinar on HR Investigations, we talk about the signs that indicate an investigation is warranted, the circumstances in which a formal investigation is needed, the situations in which a neutral third party is advisable, and the steps of the process.

Watch our free, 30-minute "Conducting Effective Workplace Investigations" webinar now.  

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