FFRCA is in Effect

How Are We Supposed to Pay for the Sick Leave and FMLA Leave Mandated by the Families First Coronavirus Response Act?

FFCRA Updates and CARES Act Provisions

What’s the Difference Between a Furlough and a Layoff?

Can We Reduce Pay Because of an Economic Slowdown Due to COVID-19?

Starting today, every small business is our business.

What Should We Do If an Employee Says Their Symptoms Are Not Related to COVID-19?

FFCRA Payroll Tax Credit - Easing the Burden for Employers

Employee Morale Shapes Business Success

When Employees Unknowingly Violate a Policy

Behold: The Industry Surprisingly More Dangerous Than Manufacturing

Families First Coronavirus Response Act

When Do I Have to Use the New I-9?

When Business Threats Are Contagious: 10 Answers for Employers Navigating the Coronavirus

Can We Extend a New Employee's Introductory Period?

What You Need to Know Before Disciplining or Terminating an Employee

Coronavirus Guidance for Employers

Mistakes on I-9s

Considering a Student Loan Repayment Benefit? Ask Yourself These Question

March Madness 2020: The Ball Is in Your Court

3 Forms of Harassment or Discrimination You May be Ignoring

Why Paid Sick Leave Is Becoming More Popular

Can I Make a Sick Employee Come in to Work?

Flu and FMLA

Can We Discipline Employees for Complaining About the Company on Social Media?

2020 Is Here: Are You Prepared to Comply with the Latest Anti-Harassment Mandates

Investigating Harassment

How Employers Can Address Mental Health in the Workplace

The Advantages of Skill-Based Training

Can We Send Sick Employees Home Early?

5 Reasons to Rehire Former Employees

Can you explain undue hardship?

Why You Should Care About Your Employer Brand

Types of Workplace Harassment and How to Stop Them

What is the purpose of a performance improvement plan?

Honoring Martin Luther King Jr. by Inspiring Hope in the Workplace

The Ins and Outs of Conducting Background Checks

What sort of questions should we ask and avoid asking during a job interview?

3 Signs of Workplace Violence and How to Mitigate Them

Reducing Stress in the Workplace

Can we discipline employees for complaining about the company on social media?

5 Compliance Issues Every HR Leader Should Know

An Employee Was Injured at Work - Now What?

Should We Investigate Even Though the Accuser Is No Longer Employed?

4 Proven Tips to Improve Office Safety

Easy Mistakes You Need to Evade During a Termination Meeting

4 Ways to Recognize Your Team

Protect Your Clients from these 4 Compliance Blunders

Can We Hire Unpaid Interns?

How Can We Reduce Liability When Serving Alcohol at Company Events?

Puff, Puff, or Pass: The Truth About Marijuana and the Workplace

Five Tips for Effective Meetings

How Small Businesses are Offering Big Business Perks

4 Rookie Mistakes to Avoid When Creating an Employee Handbook

Should We Interview an Employee Accused of Harassment Before Terminating Them?

How Do We Know If Our Managers Are Performing Well?

Should We Be Concerned About an Uptick in Complaints?

What are some best practices for conducting terminations?

How Do We Address Immature Behavior Without It Sounding Personal?

Can We Reduce the Risk of a Termination by Calling It a Layoff?

Can We Ask an Employee About a Medical Condition They May Have?

Can We Ask an Applicant Why They're Leaving Their Current Job?

Federal Law Alert - DOL Releases Final Overtime Rule

Can We Screen the Social Media Accounts of Job Candidates?

Can We Conduct a Background Check If We Haven't Done One Before?

Do We Have to Pay Employees for Their Time at a Required Training?

Are We Required To Pay Employees If We Close for Inclement Weather?

Can We Prohibit Visible Tattoos?

Are We Required to Provide Additional Smoke Breaks?

How Do You Determine Credibility During a Harassment Investigation?

How do I determine whether a position is exempt or non-exempt?

Can We Reduce Someone's Hours So They Quit and Can't Collect Unemployment?

An Employee Is Joining the Army Reserves. What Are Our Responsibilities?

What is an employee’s regular rate of pay?

How many hours can we assign to a part-time employee?

Five SHRM 2019 Takeaways for Small and Midsized Businesses

How should we address a complaint about an employee's hygiene

What is the difference between a discretionary bonus and a non-discretionary bonus

How should we respond to a racially insensitive comment made by an employee?

Can an employee returning from FMLA leave be placed in a different role?

What happens if someone is misclassified as an independent contractor?

Do we always need to approve an employee's accrued vacation time?

Can a New Hire Who Quit After One Day Be Paid as an Independent Contractor?

Federal Law Alert - EEO-1 Reporting Requirements Finalized

Can a Pregnant Employee Be Entitled to More than 12 Weeks of FMLA?

What to do if an employee gets hurt on the job

Can we allow an employee with a negative vacation balance to take time off?

Do we need to keep unsolicited resumes?

An employee has informed me that they were offended by a suggestive photo a coworker showed them. How should I handle this?

Can We Transfer a Manager to a Non-Management Role?

Do We Need to Pay Employees for Attending Voluntary Events?

How do we comply with labor law poster requirements for remote employees?

Federal Law Alert - DOL Proposes New Overtime Rule

If an employee comes to work sick, can we legally send them home?

How Should Employee Files Be Organized?

There’s a Loneliness Epidemic in the Workplace – Here’s How Employers Can Help

Which Location's Minimum Wage Do We Pay?

Can We Discipline Employees Who Don’t Turn in Their Timesheets?

Do I Need to Pay for Working Interviews and Skills Assessments?

Mammoth HR's CEO Nathan Christensen on the PDX Executive Podcast

Are Cost-of-Living Raises Mandatory?

Reminder: OSHA 300A Forms Must Be Posted by February 1 and New Final Rule Released

Can I Ensure That a Terminated Employee Doesn't Get Unemployment Insurance?

Do We Have To Pay Employees When We Close for Inclement Weather?

Which Employees Do We Count to Determine Whether a Discrimination Law Applies to Us?

Reducing Risk Through Progressive Discipline

Can We Discipline Employees for Complaining About the Company on Social Media?

E-Verify Is Not Available During Government Shutdown

Are Depression and Anxiety Considered Disabilities?

If Business Is Slow, Can We Send Employees Home Early?

Federal Law Alert - Court Ruling on ACA Has No Immediate Impact on Employers

How Do We Increase Retention?

Many Managers Are Uncomfortable Communicating with Their Employees – Here’s How You Can Help Them

Should We Investigate Harassment Claims Made by a Former Employee?

Can a Non-Exempt Employee Manage Another Non-Exempt Employee?

What Is the Best Way to Begin Enforcing a Tardiness Policy?

How to Increase Diversity in Your Recruiting and Hiring Process

How Many Hours Equal a Full Day for Exempt Employees?

When Are We Required to Pay for Trainings?

Complying with the New Oregon Pay Equity Law

Can We Prohibit Political Discussions at Work?

Do We Have to Honor an Employee’s Two-Week Notice Period?

Does “At-Will Employment” Mean We Can Terminate Without Risk?

How Long Should We Keep Employee Time Cards?

Worried About Retention? The Key May Lie in Mutual Usefulness

Should We Include Travel Duties and Working Hours in a Job Description?

How to Get Results From Your Team Building Activities

Top 5 Trends Spotted at the 2018 HR Technology Conference and Expo

Are Remote Employees Eligible for FMLA?

The 5 Most Frequently Asked HR Questions During an Emergency

Is Unemployment Available If Our Business Is Closed?

Can We Allow Employees to Work From Home?

What Job Protected Leaves Apply to A Natural Disaster?

Is It Permissible to Set Up a PTO Donation Program?

What is the Standard for Paying an Employee After a Natural Disaster?

Four Keys to Improving Your Culture

Do We Have To Provide Job Restoration After a Personal Leave of Absence?

What is Section 7 of the NLRA?

Do I Have to Keep My OSHA 300 Logs Up-to-date During the Retention Period?

How Should We Proceed When An Injured Employee Wants to Return to Work?

What Should We Consider When Creating a Dress Code?

How Do We Increase Retention?

HRAnswerLink Is Now Mammoth HR

Mammoth HR Launches Nationwide Effort to Transform Workplaces

How Should We Respond to a Rumor That an Employee on FMLA Was Seen Exercising at the Park?

The Fundamentals of Performance Management

Can We Promote an Employee to a New Position Without Posting the Position for Others to Apply?

Do We Have to Pay Overtime to An Employee Who Recently Became Exempt?

Do We Have to Pay for Time Spent at Workers’ Compensation Appointments?

Federal Law Alert - OSHA Reporting Due July 1, Including From State Plan Employers

When Is It Appropriate to Use a Performance Improvement Plan?

Oregon Law Alert - Minimum Wages Will Increase

If We Require Employees to Arrive Early, Do We Pay Them for This Extra Time?

How Do I Track FMLA Leave?

Can I Ask an Employee If She's Pregnant?

Why Courts, States, and Employers Are Focusing on Pay Equity

What Should We Do If an Employee Can No Longer Work the Hours They Originally Agreed to?

Does an Employee Working Over 40 Hours at Two Locations Need To Be Paid Overtime?

California Law Alert - New Independent Contractor Test for California Employers

How Do I Determine Whether an Employee Is Eligible for FMLA?

Do We Have to Pay Employees for Time Spent at Outside Training Courses?

What Is Culture, Anyway?

What Should We Do If We Discover Fraudulent-Looking I-9 Documentation?

Federal Law Alert - FLSA Amended to Allow Tip Pooling if No Tip Credit is Taken

What Should We Do in Response to Falsified Timecards?

Federal eAlert - 9th Circuit Rules Salary History Not an Acceptable Reason for Pay Discrepancies

Hair Dye Acceptance in The Workplace?

4-Part Series: The Power of Highly Effective HR (Part Two)

4-Part Series: The Power of Highly Effective HR (Part Four)

4-Part Series: The Power of Highly Effective HR (Introduction)

4-Part Series: The Power of Highly Effective HR (Part Three)

4-Part Series: The Power of Highly Effective HR (Part One)

Can We Prohibit Wage Discussions In The Workplace?

Federal Law Alert - Reminder: EEO-1 Is Due by March 31

How Do We Maintain A Policy of At-Will Employment?

How to Turn Your Workplace Award into Workplace Success

What Federal Laws Will Apply to Us When We Reach 15 Employees?

What Is the Difference Between an Exempt Employee and a Non-Exempt Employee?

Can We Discipline for Unauthorized Overtime?

Three Tips for Effective Coaching

2 Minute HR: Job Descriptions in A Nutshell

Federal eAlert - Second Circuit Rules Sexual Orientation is Protected by Title VII

If We Become Aware of Harassment, Do We Need the Alleged Victim's Permission to Investigate?

Should We Obtain Consent Before Posting Pictures of Employees Online?

Do We Have to Pay an Employee for Training and Orientation?

Identifying and Preventing Workplace Harassment Guide

Bottom-Line Benefits to Building an HR Village

2 Minute HR: Quick and Easy Ways to Celebrate Employees 

If an Injury Occurs While an Employee Is on Break, Should We File a Workers' Compensation Claim?

What Are the Best Ways to Keep Company Data Secure?

eAlert: OSHA 300A Forms

What Is a "Serious Health Condition" Under the FMLA?

4-Part Series: Four Misunderstood Terms in the Americans with Disabilities Act (Part Four)

4-Part Series: Four Misunderstood Terms in the Americans with Disabilities Act (Part Three)

4-Part Series: Four Misunderstood Terms in the Americans with Disabilities Act (Part Two)

4-Part Series: Four Misunderstood Terms in the Americans with Disabilities Act (Part One)

Enticing Applicants with More Than Just Wages

eAlert: Unpaid Interns

Can an Employee Work for Another Employer While on FMLA?

Trending Employment Laws in 2018

How to Reduce Absenteeism

What Interview Questions Should We Avoid?

What Forms Need to Be Updated After a Name Change?

eAlert: Federal Contractor Minimum Wage Increase 

Is Serving Alcohol at the Holiday Party a Liability?

How Should We Respond to a Harassment Complaint?

Romantic Relationships in the Workplace

Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Can We Require That At-Will Employees Give Notice Before Leaving?

Can We Reject a Candidate Because They Have a Thick Accent?

Do We Need a Policy About Service Animals in the Workplace?

What Is a Hostile Work Environment?

Five Essential Employee Files to Have For the New Year

Join us at Quickbooks Connect to talk 5 Steps to a Compliant Workplace

Can an Employee Submit a New W-4 at Any Time?

Can the Same Person Be Both a W-2 Employee and a 1099 Independent Contractor?

Retain Your Employees with ‘Stay Interviews’

Oregon Law Alert: Employers Should Stop Asking About Pay History

How Can We Help Employees During the Busy Season?

Three Pre-Recruiting Tasks to Consider Before Creating a Job Posting

Are Job Descriptions Required by Law

Calculating Coverage Under FMLA

Can We Monitor Employee Email?

DACA Program Phase-Out

Federal Law Alert: Employment Law Updates

How Conducting Exit Interviews Can Help You Increase Retention

When a Job Candidate Mentions Having a Disability

Conducting Effective Workplace Investigations

Do We Have to Pay Interns Who Volunteer?

Terminating an Employee Before Their Notice Period Ends

Investigating Employee Theft

When Managers Talk Politics in the Workplace

Can We Terminate an Employee Who Doesn't Fit With Our Culture?

Want to Stand Out From the Crowd? Create an Engaging Workplace!

What Are the Costs of Employee Misclassification?

4 Things to Know Before Conducting a Workplace Investigation

Can We Require Exempt Employees to Clock In and Out?

Federal Law Alert: New I-9 Form Will Be Released on July 17

5 Proven Ways to Elevate Your Onboarding

The Real Costs Of Employee Turnover (and How To Measure Them)

When Is An Employee's Actual Termination Date?

Hiring Right The First Time

Is It Permissible To Reduce Hours And Pay To Accommodate A Disability?

What Is The Purpose Of A Performance Improvement Plan? 

Performance Evaluation & Coaching

Does A Former Employee Need To Fill Out New Hire Paperwork Again?

Can We Tell Employees That They Need To Take Time Off?

Should I Screen Potential Candidates’ Social Media?

Can I Classify a Worker as an Independent Contractor?

Federal Law Alert: OSHA Delays Electronic Record-Keeping Rule Compliance Date

Do I Need to Pay a Non-Exempt Employee for Time Spent Traveling to a Cancelled Meeting?

Court Rules That Firing Employee for Expletive-laced Facebook Post Violated NLRA

What Should We Do if An Employee Refuses to Sign Our Employee Handbook?

Federal Law Alert: House Passes New Healthcare Bill

Federal Law Alert: The House Passes Comp Time Bill

Should We Inform Employees About a Coworker's Infectious Disease?

Drug Testing and Drug-Free Workplaces in the Era of “Legal” Marijuana

Can We Ask an Applicant Why They Are Leaving Their Current Job?

Are We Required to Show Employees Our Company Compensation Guidelines?

What to Do When an Employee's FMLA Time Runs Out

3 Vital Ways HR Can Strengthen Cybersecurity

Keeping Your Company Data Secure

Federal Law Alert: Sexual Orientation Protected in Employment According to Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals

What Can We Do About Disorganized Workspaces?

Can We Wish Employees a Happy Birthday on Our Social Media Pages?

Can We Ask References About an Applicant’s Previous Use of Sick Time?

How to Build Your Recruiting, Hiring, & Onboarding Process

Should We Investigate Rumors of Harassment?

How to Inform Employees About a Coworker's FMLA Leave

Can We Ban Cell Phones and Audio/Video Recordings at Work?

Build Your Business Through Better Hiring [Podcast]

Can We Discipline Employees if They Use Sick Leave to Attend Political Rallies?

What’s the Best Way to Calculate a Cost of Living Pay Increase?

6 HR Trends You Can't Afford to Overlook in 2017

Do Employees Need to Sign Their Timesheets?

What is the ADA Interactive Process?

How Email Phishing Can Affect Employers

Download the 2017 HR Compliance Calendar

Addressing Poor Hygiene and Appearance

Can We Tell Employees Not to Discuss Their Pay?

Federal Law Alert: OSHA 300A Forms Must be Posted by February 1

When an Exempt Employee Only Works One Day Out of a Work Week

Federal Law Alert: New Form I-9 Required Starting January 22

Do Our Workplace Posters Need to be in the Breakroom?

Your Guide to the New Form I-9

Does Your Organization Have to Comply with the FMLA?

Common Questions About the New Form I-9

Can We Reimburse for the Cost of Meals?

How Performance-Based Raises Can Lead to Wage Compression

3 Keys to Employee Retention

Does PTO Count Towards Overtime?

The New I-9 Form and Critical Recordkeeping for 2017

Can We Accept Expired ID for the I-9?

When an Employee Violates Your Timekeeping Procedures

Infographic: Mistakes to Avoid During a Termination Meeting

When a Pay Increase is Appropriate

BREAKING: Federal Overtime Rules on Hold

Federal Law Alert: IRS Extends Due Date to Distribute ACA Form 1095-C / Form 1095-B to Employees

Do's and Don'ts of Social Media in the Workplace

Federal Law Alert: New Form I-9 Released

Why We Recommend Using the FLSA Reclassification Letter

Can a Manager Be Non-Exempt?

Does Earmarked Money Apply Towards the Minimum Salary Threshold?

What Options Do Employers Have When A Holiday Falls on a Non-Work Day?

Politics at Work - Ways to Stop the Discussion from Becoming a Disruption

HR Questions from “Scary” Employers

Human Resources Trends and Challenges Survey

Can I Make an Inconsistent HR Decision?

OSHA Delays Effective Date of Anti-Retaliation Provisions

Federal Law Alert: Pay Data Required on EEO-1 Reports for Employers with 100+ Employees

FLSA Overtime Changes: 6 Key Things To Do Now To Prepare Your Organization

Are Reimbursements for Health Insurance Allowed?

What is the Difference Between Vacation and PTO?

How to Keep Top Talent

When an Employee Takes Reclassification Personally

Why You Should Consider Progressive Discipline Before Termination (Part 2)

What is At-Will Employment?

Why You Should Consider Progressive Discipline Before Termination (Part 1)

Who Foots the Bill for Workers’ Compensation Medical Appointments?

4 Things to Expect if Your State or City Passes Paid Sick Leave

Can we ask applicants about their previous salary?

Can We Ask About Previous Work-Related Injuries During an Interview?

5 Mistakes to Avoid During a Termination Meeting

When to Take a Chance on an Inexperienced Applicant

Can We Use Job Shadowing as Part of Our Interview Process?

What are Section 7 Rights?

How Should an Introductory Period Work?

What Pokémon Go Can Teach Us About Great HR

Do You Recommend Doing Reference Checks?

Can We Tell Employees How They Have to Behave at Non-Work Events?

Avoiding Common Non-Exempt Wage & Hour Pitfalls

Can We Reduce an Employee's Hours as a Disciplinary Measure?

When "Salaried" Status is a Status Symbol

Do We Have to Pay an Employee for Work They Did While on Vacation?

Do Your Employees Qualify for the FLSA’s Executive Exemption?

Is a Per Diem Rate Set by Individual Companies or by Law?

Do Your Employees Qualify for the FLSA’s Professional Exemption?

How Can We Prevent a Toxic Work Environment?

4 Ideas for Stress Free Summer Scheduling

Do Your Employees Qualify for the FLSA’s Administrative Exemption?

Is There an FLSA Exception for Small Employers?

FLSA Overtime Changes: What Employers Need to Know

Can We Restrict Employee Internet Use?

Steps to Take When an Employee Changes Their Legal Name

What To Do If an Applicant Reveals That They’re Part of a Protected Class

Today's Youth Sports Teams are Tomorrow's High Performing Employees - How We Can Help

Do Non-Exempt Employees Need to Take Lunch Breaks?

The Difference Between Exempt and Non-Exempt Employee Classifications

Free Guide: Understanding the Americans with Disability (ADA) Act

Tattoos, Piercings, and Man Buns – Build a Dress Code That’s Right for Your Organization

Does it Violate the FLSA to Require Exempt Employees to Track Their Time?

5 Strategies to Improve Seasonal Hiring

FLSA Overtime Changes Fact Sheet

FLSA Overtime Changes: The Big Announcement

Should We Give an Employee a Loan?

FLSA Overtime Changes: 5 Key Workplace Policies You Need to Review Now

4 Steps to Prepare for the Proposed FLSA Overtime Changes

Can We Withhold Pay From an Employee Who Submits Their Timecard Late?

FLSA Overtime Readiness Guide

Weed in the Workplace: Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

Can We Ask an Employee Their Marital Status?

What to do with Resumes From Applicants You Didn't Hire

What to Include in a Performance Improvement Plan

What Accommodations Should We Make for Employees with Nut Allergies?

Unlimited PTO - a 5 Minute Presentation from Mammoth CEO Nathan Christensen

BREAKING: Government Now Requiring All Employee Handbooks to be Written With Movie Quotes

How Do I Determine the True Cost of My Employees?

Tackling Locker Room Culture in the Workplace

Should We Have a Policy Against Nepotism?

What is a Hostile Work Environment?

3 Effective Steps to Address Employee Theft

Can I Tell Employees Not to Display Political Posters in Their Cubicles?

Do We Have to Provide Workstations for Remote Employees?

4 Things to Know About the $15 Minimum Wage

5 Secrets to Effective Onboarding

How to Handle Dating in the Workplace

Can We Give Employees Gift Cards?

Infographic: Romance in the Workplace

Employee Cell Phones - Can We Ban Them?

Reining In Office Gossip

Offensive Social Media Posts - Free Speech or Harassment?

Rescinding a Job Offer After a Background Check

How Do You Determine Whether You Can Make a Reasonable Accommodation?

[On Demand Webinar] 4 Steps to Effective Recruiting & Interviewing

[Infographic] Effective Meetings in 5 Simple Steps

How Can I Support Our Transgender Employee?

4 Steps to Successful Recruiting & Interviewing

Are We Required to Provide Reporting Time Pay?

How to Engage Your Disengaged Employees

Jumpstart Your Recruiting Efforts With These Four Tips

How to Talk to an Employee with Bad Hygiene

Can I Demote an Underperforming Employee?

How Many Weeks Can an Employee Work and Still be Classified as a Seasonal Employee?

Can We Check the Bags of Employees and Visitors When They Leave Our Office?

Infographic: Ultimate Guide to Employee Onboarding

How Should I Respond to a New Employee Who Has a Bad Attitude?

How Do I Handle I-9s for Out of State Employees?

4 Ways to Prevent Workplace Harassment

Bring Your Organization’s Values Into Your Day-to-Day Operations

Can We Tell Employees Not to Heat Up Stinky Foods in the Break Room Microwave?

Infographic: 8 Ways an Employee Handbook Can Create a Great Workplace

Are There Affordable Care Act Changes Coming Up in 2016?

3 Ways to Hire For Your Culture

Lessons Learned From Offering Unlimited PTO

Infographic: Meet the Millennials

Am I Required to Pay Overtime to Employees Who Work on Holidays?

4 Ways to Make the Most of Your Employees' Strengths

Can We Have a Policy Addressing Employee Marijuana Use Off the Job?

Can An Employee Dress Code Policy Address Facial Hair?

The Company Holiday Party: 8 Ways to Celebrate Responsibly

Should We Have a Consensual Relationship Agreement?

Can We Prohibit Employees From Discussing Their Salaries?

Infographic: PTO vs Vacation Time

Infographic: Do I Have to Pay For Employee Travel Expenses?

Can I Make Changes to the Length of Employee Lunch Breaks?

How to Accommodate Monsters in the Workplace

What You May Not Know About Background Checks

Is It Ever OK to Require Job Applicants to be Bilingual?

Avoid Getting Stung by Workers’ Compensation

What if an Employee Refuses to Sign a Written Warning?

Can I Tell an Employee to Cover Their Tattoo?