Can We Discipline Employees Who Don’t Turn in Their Timesheets?

by Mammoth Team on February 13, 2019


Q: Can we discipline employees who don’t turn in their timesheets?

A: Yes, provided that the discipline doesn’t involve withholding, reducing, or delaying pay, as employers are required to pay for actual hours worked regardless of whether employees have fulfilled their timekeeping duties. In fact, we recommend using a progressive disciplinary process when an employee fails to complete their paperwork on time, as this is considered a failure to perform an important job duty. It’s really the only legal and effective method we have found to address a lack of timekeeping paperwork once timesheet procedures have been thoroughly explained and where the problem persists. 

Disciplinary measures may include a verbal warning, written warning, disciplinary suspension, or termination of employment. Oftentimes, however, employees only a need a gentle reminder to get back in the habit of turning in their timesheets.

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