Can We Screen the Social Media Accounts of Job Candidates?

by Mammoth Team on September 25, 2019


Q: Do you recommend screening the social media accounts of job candidates? I’ve heard some companies do that.

A: Some companies choose to review the social media accounts of job candidates, usually with the hope of spotting any red flags or assessing “cultural fit,” but we recommend against doing so.

First, it creates extra risk. You could be exposed to information about the candidate’s protected classes, such as their race, age, or religion. If your ultimate hiring decision was challenged, you would need to prove that those characteristics were not a factor in your decision.

Second, your application and interview process should provide you with sufficient information to determine whether a candidate is qualified and would contribute to your culture. You shouldn’t need to get into the private lives of candidates to determine whether they’re the right person for the job.


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Topics: Compliance, Best Practices, Hiring