Are Remote Employees Eligible for FMLA?

by Mammoth Team on September 14, 2018


Q: Are remote employees eligible for FMLA? If so, how is their worksite determined?

A: Remote employees who otherwise qualify will be eligible for FMLA if they report to or receive work assignments from a location that has 50 or more employees within a 75-mile radius.

According to the FMLA regulations, the worksite for remote employees is “the site to which they are assigned as their home base, from which their work is assigned, or to which they report.” So, for example, if a remote employee working in Frisco, TX reports to their company’s headquarters in Portland, OR, and that site in Portland has 65 employees working within a 75-mile radius, then the employee in Frisco may be eligible for FMLA. However, if the site in Portland has only 42 employees, then the remote employee would not be eligible for FMLA. The distance of the remote employee from their worksite is immaterial.

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