Mammoth HR Launches Nationwide Effort to Transform Workplaces

by Mammoth Team on August 1, 2018

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Portland, Ore. (August 1, 2018) – Mammoth HR, the Portland-based national leader in HR services, today announced a strategic rebrand to unify all of its solutions behind a new market category – Collaborative HR. The move underscores its collaborative and customer-driven culture, renewed vision and growth trajectory, and steadfast commitment to providing clients with best-in-class HR expertise, content and technology.

The brand refresh also serves as the springboard for a series of company investments designed to enhance Mammoth’s leading HR capabilities, product portfolio, and overall customer experience.

More than ever before, HR leaders are seeking more meaningful relationships with their HR partners. Rather than simply solving the problem of the day and creating new dependencies with outside vendors, HR and business leaders are looking for help building the long-term capabilities and capacity of their internal resources. Collaborative HR, a new category within the HR space, serves as a critical extension of HR teams, bolsters their expertise, shares ideas and best practices, and ultimately enhances their in-house capabilities.

“This is an exciting and defining milestone for the company in strengthening our market position as the industry leader, and ultimately realizing our long-term vision to reimagine the experience for HR practitioners in small and midsize businesses,” said Mammoth HR CEO Nathan Christensen. “Our goal at Mammoth is simple: to develop an enhanced HR platform for future growth – for our clients, our partners, our community, and our company.

“The Mammoth brand reflects our mission of bringing big ideas to small and midsize businesses nationwide. Portland has been a leading market for small business entrepreneurship, and we’re thrilled about the opportunity to support the more than 65,000 small and medium sized businesses here in our hometown, and beyond.”

Collaborative HR brings the best of HR Consulting and HR Technology to in-house HR teams. It helps employers quickly find solutions to their problems, empowers internal HR teams, and delivers lasting workplace outcomes for HR practitioners and their organizations.

About Mammoth

Founded in 2001, Mammoth HR, a technology-enabled services company, serves over 80,000 small and medium sized businesses nationwide. Through its practice of Collaborative HR, the company partners with employers nationwide to rapidly solve their HR issues, build their capabilities, protect their organizations, and transform their workplaces. Mammoth has been recognized as one of the country’s top workplaces by Fortune and Entrepreneur. 

To learn more about Mammoth HR’s new brand identity and how the company defines Collaborative HR, visit our newly redesigned website.

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