4-Part Series: The Power of Highly Effective HR (Part One)

by Mammoth Team on April 3, 2018


View HR as a Business Driver and Set the Strategy

The benefits you reap from your investment in HR will be far greater if you as the organizational leader understand how HR can propel your business forward — and if you become an effective advocate.

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So, how do you start realizing some of these returns in your organization? It begins with determining what kind of workplace you want to be. Most organizations fall into one of four categories:

  • Minimum Professional Standard
  • HR Proficient
  • Employer of Choice
  • Industry Leader

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Minimum Professional Standard

Doing the legally required minimum such as making sure your HR records are stored properly and you have an employee handbook, and not much more.

HR Proficient

Keeping pace with the others in your industry; offering similar perks for example to attract talent and benefits commensurate with competitors.

Employer of Choice

Investing more in your people and culture; value things like Best Place to Work awards. You may offer perks and benefits that outpace your industry and provide more workplace flexibility.

Industry Leader

Building a workplace and workforce around highly innovative and valuable programs, policies, and practices; setting the standard and being recognized as a best-in-class employer.

In part two, we’ll provide factors to help you determine what’s important for your organization and how to refine your HR objectives by practice area.

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