Join us at Quickbooks Connect to talk 5 Steps to a Compliant Workplace

by Nathan Christensen on November 1, 2017

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Mammoth HR's CEO, Nathan Christensen, will be a special guest speaker at this year's Quickbooks Connect Conference to present "The HR Essentials: 5 Steps to a Compliant Workplace." 

I’m looking forward to returning next month to the annual QuickBooks Connect conference in San Jose. This will be our third year presenting at the conference, and it’s always a highlight of the year. The conference brings together entrepreneurs and thought leaders from around the country to share strategies, learnings, and technologies we can use to move our organizations, products, services, operations, and customers forward together.

This year I’ll be presenting on “The HR Essentials: 5 Steps to a Compliant Workplace.” Most entrepreneurs and small business leaders are aware of the importance of complying with their responsibilities as employers. But often they view HR compliance as static. They learn the rules and make sure they’re in compliance at a given point in time, and then move on.

Unfortunately, compliance isn’t static – it’s dynamic. Rules and regulations change, as does an organization’s compliance profile. As an organization expands its operations, workforce, or geographic reach, its responsibilities may change or expand, too. The key for small businesses is to put in place the culture, controls, and processes so that its HR policies and practices naturally evolve with the organization. Fortunately, there are proven, cost-effective strategies to follow.

The stakes of non-compliance are big. An employee complaint or lawsuit, or a government audit, can be highly distracting and even devastating for a small business. In addition to the costs of hiring an attorney or other professional, complaints, lawsuits, audits, and investigations consume significant time and energy from the organization’s leaders. Further, ongoing non-compliance, even before it’s resulted in a specific compliance event, often has a damaging effect on employee morale, engagement, and productivity.

On November 17, we’ll tackle this issue head-on. We’ll discuss how small businesses can take a wholistic and dynamic approach to compliance, so the organization and its people stay current with a changing HR landscape and stay focused on achieving their organization’s mission and goals.

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