When Are We Required to Pay for Trainings?

by Mammoth Team on October 29, 2018


Q: When are we required to pay for trainings?

A: In general, time spent in job-related training is counted as time worked and must be paid. However, not every lecture, meeting, training program, or similar activity would qualify. If all four of the following criteria are met, you do not need to pay the employee for the training:

1. The training occurs outside of the employee's normal work hours;
2. The training is completely voluntary (there will be no company-initiated consequences if the employee does not attend);
3. The training is not specifically job-related (it may be tangentially related to their job, such as most continuing education, without being specific to how they do their job on a day-to-day basis); and
4. No work for the employer is performed during the training (e.g. reading or replying to email).

Ask the Advisor: Are we required to pay a non-exempt employee for time spent traveling to a cancelled meeting, even though he was notified of the cancellation in advance? 

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