Do I Have to Keep My OSHA 300 Logs Up-to-date During the Retention Period?

by Mammoth Team on August 27, 2018


Q: Do I have to keep my OSHA 300 Logs up-to-date during the retention period?

A: Employers must retain all OSHA Forms for Recording Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses (300, 301, and 300A) for a period of five years following the end of the calendar year the records pertain to. OSHA also requires that employers update their stored 300 Logs during this five-year period if changes occur. Changes include newly discovered recordable injuries or illnesses and any changes that have occurred in the classification of previously recorded injuries and illnesses. If the description or outcome of a case changes, you should remove or strikethrough the original entry and enter the new information. 

There is no requirement to update the 301 or 300A, though we recommend that all records are kept up-to-date as a best practice. So, to summarize:

OSHA 300 Log: must be updated with any changes during the five-year retention period. 
OSHA 301 Log: updating not required, but recommended. 
OSHA 300A Log: updating not required, but recommended.

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