Should We Include Travel Duties and Working Hours in a Job Description?

by Mammoth Team on September 24, 2018


Q: Should we include detailed travel duties and working hours in our job description, or should we keep it more general?

A: A position requiring a high volume of business travel or unusual work hours should have that detail included in the job description. Without that, you’ll attract a lot of candidates that ultimately won’t be able to take the position, wasting both your time and theirs.

The most important aspect of an effective job description is that it accurately reflects the actual work you need done. This helps ensure that the company is attracting appropriate candidates for the position, that both the employee and employer are aligned in their expectations, and that the employee clearly understands and has agreed to the requirements necessary to successfully complete the job.

The better your job descriptions are, the better your candidates will be. Here are a few quick and easy tips of how you can create job descriptions that will attract top talent:

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